• 1. Body Suit
  • (a) AA202 without seam tape
  • (b) AA101 with blue seam tape

  • 2. Face shield
  • Ultra Clear Face Shield that can be used with reusable frame

  • 3. Gloves
  • We deals in hand Gloves used for medical purpose.

  • 4. Head cover
  • Round Disposable Head Cover that can be used for medical purpose

  • 5. Shoe cover
  • Blue Polypropylene Doctor Disposable Shoe Cover

  • 6. Three Ply mask
  • 3 Ply Surgical Disposable face mask

A big ‘Thank You’ to all of these who make this product possible :

⇨ Delhi police who let us transport raw material.

⇨ Shri. Dinesh Ji

⇨ Shri Aman Ji

⇨ Sunny Die & Cut

⇨ Mahalakshmi Entp.

Due to large number of orders we need volunteers who may work from home in following areas:

* Sales order monitoring

* Logistics

* Finance/ accounts

* Website development.

For enquiry: Kindly send email with the following info:

1. Purchase Department City/ State

2. Quantity Required

3. I am from Government Purchase Dept.

4. I want to become Sales Partner

5. Purpose: Tender / Direct Supply/ Self use.